Aspiring ERP, offers the industry's finest software tools for managing shoes/leather importers, suppliers, traders, agents, or buying offices. It is designed to work the way you work, links all phases of your business, letting you perform more efficiently.

For shoes/leather trading/buying/IE, we are strong in commissions, rebates, deposits, every detailed cost.
For shoes/leather manufacturing, we are strong in detailed instructions, process control, WIP(Work-In-Progress), RFID tracking.
For material planning & control, we are strong in detailed BOM, outstanding material, usage and actual balance.
Style Manager       Record shoes/leather design details, color/standard, bills of materials and production instructions.
        Manage price details, such as sales price and factory cost.
        Able to forward to web-ordering module for customers placing shoes/leather orders via web.
        Generate reports and export to excel.
Sampling       Record shoes/leather design details, bills of materials and production instructions.
        Generate cost comparison and analysis reports.
        Purchase sample material for shoes/leather.
        To sample Invoice and to accounting.
Costing & Quotation       Prepare costing analysis by copying items from material, templates and previous version.
        Generates cost comparison and analysis reports.
        Fast estimation budget and profit.
        Generate estimated and actual cost comparison reports.
        Generate customer quotation.
Order Processing       Support multiple styles and multiple shipments. (dedicated for shoes/leather business workflow)
        Support import from shoes/leather style manager, sample or costing analysis.
        Support re-shipment.
        Support quota, deposit and commission.
        Generate reports such as sales recap, sales details, sales total, shipment schedule, production notice.
Material Planning       Calculate the required materials of the outstanding orders.
        Purchaser can define the material supply by purchasing, getting from inventory, or providing by buyer or factory.
        Able to group material requirements by supplier, brand, seasons, buyer ...
        Automatically recalculates new material requirements upon any change in shoes/leather order quantity, consumption or wastage.
        Monitor inventory free and hold quantity, and pending quantities coming in the half way.
Material Purchasing       Able to issue material PO by grouping material requirements by supplier, brand, seasons, buyer ...
        Prevent users from over-purchasing.
        Support YDS/LBS/KGS conversion for fabrics, which is necessary for shoes/leather industries.
        Able to generate comparison report of received quantity versus required and purchased quantity.
Material Inventory       Manage stocks in warehouse across different locations.
        Verify/confirm suppliers’ invoice, material's quality upon material receiving.
        Support split, e.g. to receive material in two different dates/quantities.
        Support RFID system to enhance accuracy and efficiency.
        Able to generate comparison report of received quantity versus required and purchased quantity.
        Able to generate material transactions and balance report.
Production       Allow subcontracting orders, generating production orders/notes.
        Manage production instructions.
        Manage other production cost items.
Production Planning       Keep track on every production steps from one or many production orders.
        Calculations of production cost based on the production steps.
        Total man-hours and statistics can be calculated and listed briefly as a reference.
        Provides loading & capacity availability report for manufacturing.
Shipping       Prepare shipping document with minimal human efforts.
        Prevent human input errors by double checking shipping quantities with order quantities.
        Able to let factories input corresponding packing list into system via web.
        Able to handle discount, and less balance from deposit.
        Able to generate delivery performance reports.
        Integrated with accounting, generate customer statement, and AR reports.
Task/Milestone       Allows users to define tasks/milestones, e.g. to alert forwarder booking at 30 days in advance
        Based on each order's task/milestone, system can automatically monitor the progress and send alerts for any outstanding status.
        Only responsible department, e.g. shipping department colleagues can receive the related alerts.
        Able to generate work-in-progress report.
Accounting       Integrated with sample invoice, shipping invoice, commission, deposit, pucrahse bills, material purchase orders.
        Support Chart of Accounts, DR & CR, AR & AP, Year or Month Closing, Customer Statement, Aging Analysis, Deposit & Commission, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss.
        Support multi-currencies and partial payment.
        Support linking back of accounting entries as cost of order and generating order-wise accounting report.