Simple but effective     Most intuitive ERP software, sample, user-friendly but effective.
Cloud-based or local     Default to be cloud-based and web-based ERP software, you do not have to install or set-up, but with flexibility to implement locally.
No long-term contracts     Not like other cloud service providers, in Aspiring there are no long-term contracts. You can pay for each month, use or cancel at any time. Why? Because we are confident in ourselves!
Multi-languages     Unicode ERP software, supports any languages data entries, e.g. English/ Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean in one single input box, provide English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese interface.
Multi-Platforms     Multi-Platform ERP software, supports all desktop computers and all tablets, such as Window PC/ Surface, Mac PC, iPad, and all other Window/IOS/android tablets.
Multi-Currencies     Multi-Currency ERP software in order, summary reports and accounting.
Multi-level privileges     Access control setting can break down to create, read, write, user group, print, approve and document tray.
Select-and-Click reports     Provide a state-of-the-art select-and-click Report Generator to allow non IT-users can simply handle all operations. User can determine whatever combination of fields, display options like width and alignments, display order of the fields, and filtering. Further options like email scheduler, Excel/CSV formats’ export would be available.
Industries-specific     Provide industries-specific versions: Fashion & Apparel, Underwear & Swimwear, Fabrics & Accessories, Shoes & Leather, Furniture, Jewelry and Toys.
Full value chain     Offers specialized workflows for different segments of the apparel/fashion/garment value chain including: Brands, Buying / Sourcing Agents, Importers & Suppliers / Manufacturers.
Completed management     Completed ERP software. From style/sample to costing/quotation, from ordering to production and shipping, inventory to accounting, internal milestones to web ordering.
Full accounting module     ERP software with full accounting function, supports Chart of Accounts, DR & CR, AR & AP, Year or Month Closing, Customer Statement, Aging Analysis, Deposit & Commission, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss.
Milestone with Reminder     Task and milestone tracking ERP software, let users define and control every very tiny task and milestone, and receive reminders/alerts by email.
Versions with histories     Provide version approval function, privileged users can view version/amend histories, and check every versions’ backup in detail.
Web Ordering     Internet Web ordering system, let your customers place orders via web and thus save extra labor and handling cost.